With the help of investors & donations, we will purchase land which has:

  • at least 5 acres, preferably between 10-20 acres
  • a stream
  • rich soil for growing vegetables
  • pasture for cows
  • fruit trees (avocado, citrus, mango, coconut. etc.)
  • preferably around 700-1800 feet above sea level for optimal growing conditions, not too cold/wet, not too hot/dry
  • large main temple house with commercial kitchen (5 bedrooms ideal)
  • separate private cabins for families on the property
  • vacation rooms available for Hare Krishna Retreats
  • commercial space for Hare Krishna Cafe/Prabhupada Center

We feel Hamakua coast (between Hilo and Waimea) is best because:

  • rich soil, no lava rock therefore no need to transport soil
  • clean air most of the time, less vog than other parts of island.  Vog is volcanic air pollution that usually comes through this part of the island a few days a month, depending on winds and volcano activity
  • high lava flow zone (no worries of lava flow here)
  • close to towns with hospital, etc.
  • lots of land available, especially lease land
Self-sufficent Farm Community
  • Free Prabhupada focused Hare Krishna Love Feasts: always free & open to anyone interested, creating community for all.
  • Visitors: Anyone can visit the farm for part of the day and/or come to our free Hare Krishna Love Feasts 
  • Devotee Trade: Anyone desiring to practice temple devotee life, seeking the shelter of Prabhupada's bonafide instructions can live at or visit the farm for some time doing service trade
Hare Krishna Retreat
  • Rest, relax and rejuvenate in beautiful vacation rooms with ocean views
  • your choice to learn and take part in mantra meditation, daily temple programs & Sunday Love Feasts adhering to Srila Prabhupada's original guidelines for temple life
  • like a Prabhupada focused Hare Krishna Bed & Breakfast
  • your choice of paying a fee for your stay or get a discount off your fee by including service/work trade
  • Service and donations are always welcome in any form

Self-sufficient Farm
  • growing organic fruits & veggies for Krishna
  • Prepare, offer & share prasadam for ive-ins, work traders, visitors, tourists, free love feasts & extra for selling at farmer's market
  • natural organic self-sustainable farming methods like composting & using worms & cow manure fertilizer
  • solar & wind power
  • rain water harvesting
  • bee keeping & guardianship
  • providing simple living~high thinking, healthy jobs and lifestyle, healthy clean living spaces and eternal guidance from Srila Prabhupada to those desiring to live that way

Hare Krishna Cafe/Prabhupada Center
  • everything Prabhupada (original books, cd's, dvd's, mp3's, photos, posters, etc.)
  • japa beads/mala and bead bags, Tulasi necklaces, puja and alter items, incense, etc.
  • free Sunday Love Feast every week with traditional Hare Krishna foods such as chapati, dal, rice, subji and sweet rice as well as fresh salads and fruits
  • vegetable juices, smoothies, salads and raw food snacks made with fresh local and organic produce
  • raw superfoods and probiotic foods
  • devotional musical instruments such as mrdangas, kartals & harmoniums and music lessons
  • center for gathering and meeting others interested in spiritual life
  • regular showing of Prabhupada's films and classes
  • locally grown organic medicinal plants and herbs and their healing qualities such as ashwaganda, goji berry, aloe vera, stevia, turmeric, etc.
  • sankirtan activities like street kirtan and book distribution going on daily

Cow Sanctuary

  • Prabhupada wanted that mother cow be revered, loved & respected
  • Lovingly caring for cows, how many depends on how much land Krishna arranges, if some are milking cows, we will offer their milk to Krishna with love, milking by hand, cows eating only their natural diet of grass, maybe some treat of grain while they are being milked
  • Cows give organic raw milk that can be offered to Krishna in so many forms, yogurt, kefir, paneer (fresh cheese), butter, ghee...
  • Art of preparing foods with raw milk for Krishna taught by devotees in Krishna's kitchen
Festivals, Farmer's Markets, Music, Art, Drama & Dance
  • As the farm and devotees gather and create community, there are so many ways to extend out to others, using our many talents to offer the treasure who is Prabhupada to everyone we meet 
  • Original Sankirtan Activities: Street Harinam-singing, chanting Hare Krishna, book distribution, prasadam distribution, Deity worship, temple programs
Planting & Worshiping Tulasi Devi

a praying mantis perched upon Srimati Tulasi Devi

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