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Parts 1-3 Interview with Kapindra Swami 9/18/11

Super Sankirtan Devotee & Original Prabhupada Disciple 

has been following Srila Prabhupada's instructions with heart & soul

and pushing on Prabhupada's Original Hare Krishna Movement for over 40 years.

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 Part 2...

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 Part 3...


Prabhupada sankirtan devotees and brahmacaris. (2005-ish) Kapindra Swami is saffron sannyasi in center.

Kapindra Swami, a.k.a. Maharaj

original disciple of Srila Prabhupada, has sincerely served Prabhupada for over 40 years.  His dedication to lovingly and diligently keeping Prabhupada's Hare Krishna movement exactly what Prabhupada intended, through Prabhupada's personal instructions, is incomparable.  It's no wonder where ever Kapindra Swami is, Prabhupada's original sankirtan movement thrives.

Kapindra Swami has invited countless souls to take part in sankirtan activities and has made devotees, giving first and second initiations under Prabhupada's ritvik system.  This means an appointed elder disciple of Prabhupada initiates on Prabhupada's behalf and the devotees become direct disciples of Srila Prabhupada.  His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is both diksa and siksa guru.  Diksa-he is instructing guru (there may be many).  Siksa-he (Prabhupada) will deliver his disciple from the cycle of birth and death (there is one).

Kapindra Swami's goal is to keep all focus on Prabhupada and Prabhupada's flawless voice, words, vibration and instructions. For who else can bring us back home to Krishna but our ever well-wisher, Srila Prabhupada?

Kapindra Swami is leading the way towards making Prabhupada's farm in Hawaii a reality and his purely Prabhupada guidance will keep Prabhupada's farm community adhere lovingly to Prabhupada, and Prabhupada only.

We are all so lucky to know and learn from such a great soul like Kapindra Swami, who is not settled until he knows that Prabhupada's mission is going on as it was when Prabhupada was here.  Because Kapindra Swami knows that Prabhupada IS still here and always will be in his pure vibration.

If you are looking to become a fixed up devotee under the shelter of Prabhupada, Kapindra Swami will make sure to it.  Just ask any devotee, from all parts of the world, who has served with Kapindra Swami and they will tell you... you will feel Prabhupada's presence always with such a sincere youthful elder devotee and dedicated sannyasi.  

Kapindra Swami's Prabhupada love energy will help lead you more and more towards awakening your natural love and service to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the incarnation of love, the guru of the universe!

Make Prabhupada's farm in Hawaii a reality!  
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