What will you receive when you give...

your interest

your energy

your positivity 

your offerings 

your donation?

Giving to Prabhupada's Farm in Hawaii is a way to:

  • begin your connection with Prabhupada's self-sufficient farm community 
  • be a part of Prabhupada's Original Hare Krishna Movement 
  • support a special organic self-sufficient farm community
  • protect mother cow  
  • support spiritual education meant for all human beings and the health of the world
  • live simply with the land
  • have a special place to stay or visit when you plan a trip to Hawaii
  • offer service to Prabhupada & Krishna
  • feed your soul
  • practice bhakti-yoga
  • become a fixed up dedicated disciple of Srila Prabhupada
  • simplify your life, cleanse your body, calm your mind
  • activate your natural spiritual life
  • assimilate ancient wisdom into your daily life

For those of you who don't even know much about Prabhupada or Hare Krishna,
you may know that:
  • you've seen some bald guys in orange robes dancing in movies 
  • George Harrison was a devotee of Krishna, dedicated to Prabhupada's mission
  • some of the greatest philosophers, scientists and scholars consider Prabhupada as one of the most influential spiritual leaders of our time... WHY?

Because Srila Prabhupada continues to compassionately and musically bust all boundaries created by identifying with the temporary body instead of the eternal spirit soul WITHIN the body... nationality, religion, cast, even species doesn't matter, for the body is temporary.  What matters is the soul, the eternal soul body and our spiritual connection/UNIQUE & INTIMATE loving relationship with a PERSON Who happens to be God... 

Prabhupada is leading the world to peaceful harmony back in touch with nature and our natural joyful spiritual selves, as we expand our consciousness and awaken our expressive youthful souls in love with ONE LOVE, ONE GOD, so many names... language may be different but GOD IS ONE.




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