Remember, there may be some time when you...

  • need a break
  • want to give your soul some attention 
  • wish to visit Hawaii 
  • need some warmth, sunshine, gardens, ocean and a place to stay
  • want to learn about the soul, desire, eternal spiritual nature, the purpose of life, why we die, the infinite universes, etc.
  • want to get out of the commotion and back to simplicity and natural rhythms
  • wish to eat better, take care of yourself, feed your soul, open your heart, sing & dance, play in the dirt, breathe fresh clean air, relax and renew, meet new people who are interested in spiritual life and living pure & clean...

If so, you may live far away now, 

but you can always visit or even live at Prabhupada's Farm.

YOU are always welcome!!!


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