Magic Medicinal Food Yoga for the Eternal Body

Krishna says: 

If one offers Me with love and devotion 

a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, 

I will accept it. 

-Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 9.26

Is there really such a thing as food for the soul?

Why and how do we make food?  Why and how do we eat it?

Hunger? Boredom? Enjoyment? Fun? Art? Job? Service? Love? 

If we could strip down out of our robotic body suit called this material body, fully equipped with divinely designed senses for temporary satisfactions,

who would we be?  How would we identify ourselves?

Consider our spiritual body, our soul with shape and form, hands, legs, mouth, voice, ears... taste buds, the desire to eat, to hug, to love and play and swoon.  We ARE our original transcendental body experiencing pure spiritual bliss, naturally.  We have a body JUST like Gods' body.  We are not converted into that or some religious belief system.  We are not anything else but our true selves.  Each of us individual.  We're just covered now by a slow moving vibrational slime called material consciousness, therefore our dull senses are attracted to things like watching t.v. and eating crap.  We forgot about eternal love. YUP! It IS real!  It is transcendental!  YOGA!!!! 

Wake Up Sleeping Souls!!!

Spiritual Longevity is yummy 

and more pleasure than we can wrap our tiny brain around!

There is a person who happens to be THE SOURCE, known to some comfortably as God or Goddess, some more comfortably as "The Universe".  This person has many aspects such as, the infinite source energy, the source of all infinite universes, the energy and supersoul within all beings and every atom, the creator, the ONE, Jah love and the ever-lasting mystery.  But don't forget that other perspective... God is a PERSON!!! We're talkin' god here... that means ANYTHING is possible right? 

Just like we have unique personalities, so does God.  Krishna is one name for god.  Krishna means all-attractive!  Imagine that!!!!  A person who is so attractive and magnetic that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is attracted!!!  Just imagine.

Now, back to US!  We don't just have the potential to live forever and experience true longevity and everlasting health!  We already are truly everlastingly healthy and live forever!!!  We've simply forgotten.  One way we forget is when we eat.  The tongue grappling for a taste of coffee or chocolate or something slimy or runny or chewy or flakey or crunchy or spicy or...  anyways...  What is our consciousness?  As The Beatles sang, "...All through the day, I Me Mine, I Me Mine, I Me Mine.  All through the night, I Me Mine, I Me Mine, I Me Mine..." 

But... consider stripping off your selfish coating of advertising prone ego.  There's a boy who plays a flute and is so gorgeous, his skin is blackish bluish like fresh rain clouds, his eyes are shaped like lotus petals, he wears peacock feathers in his hair and pearls around his broad sweet chest.  You can say He's in touch with his femine side.  His feet are not ordinary.  They are lotus feet.  And they are worthy of meditation before wondering up the rest of his bod.  He shares his flute with his eternal consort named Radharani (also called upon as Hare) and she is golden and unfathomably beautiful.  They are the divine couple.  They are ONE, and 2, in ONE LOVE.  And then, there is Srila Prabhupada... who strides across a field of grass with his cane in the early morning, his saffron robes draped over his silky form.  No one walks more gracefully and deliberately.  And when he speaks, our heart melts with every tone.  George Harrison was quoted to say, "Prabhupada is the greatest musician I have ever personally heard."

AND, Prabhupada was also an expert in the kitchen.  He cooked for Krishna and could prepare a 7 course meal for 20 people in an hour.

So, here we are.  We need to eat.  It's pretty simple.  Before you inhale the food, before you buy it, before you plant the seeds, be conscious of TO WHOM is this food going to?  Are we simply offering to our surface senses or are we conscious of our ever-lasting senses with bliss receptors?  Are we eager for eternal love and union with someone who we can repose our heart fully?  Will we consider bowing our head with humble offerings to the supreme person, who like the roots of a tree, when watered, infuses love into each leaf, plump with radiance and sunlight?  All recieves.  True nourishment.

Who is that person worthy of our love?  Who is that person accepting our offerings?  Who is that person capable of turning us inside out, so we can look in the mirror and SEE our soul, instead of our "damaged" space suit, our 5D wonder-map?  Is there a person whom we are permentenly united?  Individually?  Secretly?  Descretely? Intimately?

If we have the potential of loving urge to offer a flower to someone special because we need to share it and express that they are worthy of our tiny gift.  Where or WHO is that flower blossom from in the first place?  Mother Nature?  And who is she kissing?

Yoga, to unite with god.  A child gets some food from the parent and naturally offers it first to the parent, then eats it, in a much happier mood.  Heart open.  The food alive with natural love.

We can be that child, aware of nature and her source... in love with our eternal friend, lover, teacher, buddy, parent or child.  Krishna is a person who accepts our love and when we offer food with love... we are already eternal lovers fully conscious, body spiritualized infused with song and dance, the fountain of youth!!! 

We can practice offering our food with love to Prabhupada, to Radha Krishna, to Nitai Gauranga.  Practice yoga!  CHEERS to the mercy!  Prasadam!!!  Honoring THIS type of health food means no good or bad, no ties to material consciousness  =  freedom from karmic reactions.  (Krishna does not eat and therefore does not accept meat, fish or eggs by the way.) 

Food offered to KRISHNA with LOVE and DEVOTION is infused with just that -       LOVE and DEVOTION to KRISHNA!!!!  

Say good-bye forever to birth, death, old age and disease!  We all know it too well.  Are we materially exhausted yet?  

Plant, prepare, offer with the art of love and honor food that has been KRISHNA-IZED!  

Prepare to feel KRISHNA-IZED!

Thank you Srila Prabhupada, for teaching us about karma-free food for the soul!!!

"Dear Lord, this material body is a lump of ignorance, 

and the senses are networks of paths leading to death. 

Somehow or other I have fallen into the ocean of material sense enjoyment, 

and of all the senses the tongue is the most voracious and difficult to control. 

It is very difficult to conquer the tongue in this world. 

But You, Lord Krishna, are so kind. 

You have sent this nice prasadam just to control the tongue. 

So let us honor this prasadam to our full satisfaction 

and glorify Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha and Krishna, 

and with love call upon the help of Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda.” 

-Prasadam Prayer





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